Horses have changed Hannah's life.

Hannah has autism & has worked hard to gain the confidence needed to forge ahead as a leader with a 1,000 pound animal. Each small step can make a huge difference in Hannah's life and the lives of individuals with special needs.

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Horses are a hub of interaction during ELSA's ranch programs!

It's well documented that animals help breakthrough the barriers often prevalent in those with autism and other disabilities. We can open the gates for these empowering equine connections because "you care." Your donation to ELSA's Ranch Fund provides a promise of a future to some of the most vulnerable amongst us challenged everyday with disabilities. Whatever the size of your support, you are the reason we can carry on, this labor of love, compassion and community.

Horses change lives.

It's through your donation that we are able to open the gates to many more individuals like Hannah, struggling everyday with challenges related to having special needs. Will you support young adults like Hannah? Donate today.

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